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At the top of the editor you will find a preview



Label: The text at the top of the input box

Text: The text you want to appear next to the approval field

Field type: Configure the way you want the text of the terms of service to appear.

Popup. A popup appears with the content of the term of service

Open in another tab: Define a url, clicking in the term of service link will open a new tab to this url

Required: Makes the acceptance of the terms of services mandatory


Define the type of pricing the field is going to use

Hide price: Define the type of pricing the field is going to use


The field name is used when you wan to access the field programmatically through the API
Custom CSS: Add a classname to the field that can be used to style it using CSS

Descriptions (Full Version Only)

Descriptions: Description below the Button selection

Tooltip: Add a symbol next to the name of the dropdown where a descriptive text will appear


Enable Show/Hide Conditions

Allows you to show or hide the divider only if the conditions are met.

Enable Custom Validation (Full Version Only)

You can create custom validations for each field. When a field is not valid it can display a configurable text bellow it.


Edit the appearance of the field.

Custom Actions

Allow you to do advance configurations and actions with the field using JavaScript.

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