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Force users to fill the field with a specific format

At the top of the configuration you will find a preview of how your Mask will be displayed



Label: Label of the Mask

Mask Type

Configure the type of text that the box is going to accept

Phone: A mask that accept a phone number with lada
Credit Card: A mask that accept a credit card number
Custom: Define a custom mask


When you select custom a setting called “Custom Mask” will be shown, here you can define the format that this field should accept using these characters:

9: It accept numbers
a: It accept letters
*: It accept numbers of letters

So for example if your custom mask is 999a* the field will only accept text where the first 3 characters are number the fourth is a letter and the fifth is a number or letter

Remember, the space bar in the editor makes the space on the main page automatic

Mask Char: The character that will appear when the field is not filled yet

Default Text: The default text that the box is going to show, this default text must comply with the mask type that you are using (so for example if your mask field allow only numbers your default text should have only numbers) or it wont be displayed.

Placeholder: Text that is shown when the field is empty

Required: Make the field required


Icon: choose from a wide variety of icons or upload your own image from your gallery, this icon is displayed inside the Mask field


Quantity Position: Define the position of the quantity field

Default value: Edit the default quantity

Quantity Label: Label for the quantity field

Placeholder: Text that is shown when the quantity field is empty

Maximum Value: Maximum quantity

Minimum Value: Minimum quantity


Price type: Add the price of the option, or leave it empty, in the full version you can use your own formula.


 Field Name: The field name is used when you wanto to access the field programmatically through the API

Custom CSS: Add a classname to the field that can be used to style it using CSS

Descriptions (Full Version Only)

Description: Description below the Mask.

Tooltip: Add a symbol next to the name of the dropdown where a descriptive text will appear


Enable Show/Hide Conditions

Allows you to show or hide the Mask only if the conditions are met.

Enable Custom Validation (Full Version Only)

You can create custom validations for each field. When a field is not valid it can display a configurable text bellow it.


Custom Actions

Allow you to do advance configurations and actions with the field using JavaScript

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