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Group Panel

Add a subset of fields, these fields calculates a subtotal independent from other group panels and its value is added to the total.

At the top of the configuration you will find a preview of how your Group panel will be displayed

Add Pluggins

Click on the symbol to open the plugin options, order and edit them as you wish, within the group panel



Label: Label of the group panel

Show Subtotal: Show a subtotal section displaying the total of the group panel.

Subtotal Label: Label of the subtotal section


Field Name: The field in used when you want to access the field programmatically through the API


Enable Show/hide Conditions

Allows you to show or hide the Group panel only if the conditions are met.

Enable Custom Validations (Full Version Only)

You can create custom validations for each field. When a field is not valid it can display a configurable text bellow it.


Edit the size, color and position of the main label of the group panel subtotal

Custom Actions

Allow you to do advance configurations and actions with the field using JavaScript.

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