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You can create conditions using an structure like this

  return value

or if you prefer you can use a shorter structure like this:


Replace “comparison” with the comparison you want and “value” with the value that need to be used, example:

In this condition if field 1 has a value less than 10 the value ‘1’ will be used by this formula

You can use multiple if conditions in the formula, like in this example

If Field 1 is less than 10 the formula will use ‘1’ if Field 1 is less than 30 it will use 2, otherwise it will use 3

Type of comparissons

You can use these comparisons

>Greater thanif(10>20)
>=Greater or equal thanif(10>=20)
<Less thanif(10<20)
<=Less or equal thanif(10<=20)
==Equal toif(10==20)
!=Not equal toif(10!=20)
containsContainsif(“Hello word” contains “word”)
not containsNot Containsif(“Hello word” not contains “word”)


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